We have updated our range of POLARIS products for aluminium windows to include a new hardware solution with key-operated handle blocking and tilt limitation, the POLARIS BLOCK PLUS handle.

The main application of the mechanism is to provide greater security to windows and / or to allow some limitation to their opening sequence; for windows with tilt-before-turn closing or aeration friction stays.

The handle is compatible with multiple opening systems; side-hung, tilt & turn or sliding, and it caters for installation with transmission gearboxes or multipoints locks.

» Blocking with button

The mechanism for blocking with a barrel button offers three different types of blocking:

TotaL blocking: the position of the button does not allow any kind of handle movement.

Intermediate blocking: the position of the button allows the handle to be blocked at 90º.

For tilt-before-turn openings, this kind of blocking is ideal for maintaining the tilt position and ventilating without completely opening the window in busy public areas (communal zones in shopping centres, healthcare establishments, education centres, airports, passenger stations, etc.) or in homes where there are small children.

Total unblocking: the position of the button allows total unblocking of the handle, allowing both opening and tilting movements to be carried out.

» RSP system

The return to security position system provides the system with the special feature of blocking with a button. In intermediate blocking, which allows the tilt movement to be carried out with the handle at 90º for openings with tilt-before-turn, we can return to the total block position without having to do anything to the blocking system, that is, there is no need to use the key to carry out this manoeuvre.

» Complete range of finishes

There are an increasing number of projects looking to set themselves apart with colours or finishes, where the accessories are lacquered in the same colour as the carpentry systems. The POLARIS range is available lacquered in both black and white and in the colours of the RAL chart, a colour matching system which defines colours for paint, coatings and plastics.

» Corrosion resistance

The components have been treated to guarantee over 240 hours of corrosion resistance in a salt spray chamber in accordance with European standard UNE-EN 1670: 2007, Building hardware. Corrosion resistance. Requirements and test methods”.

According to the parameters described in the standard, a grade 4 classification has been obtained, meaning the product may be used in environments with extreme climates.

» Tilt & turn vs. Tilt-before-turn

The terms tilt & turn and tilt-before-turning refer to the window’s operating sequence. Interior opening windows have two modes of operation:

Tilt & turn: the handle at 90º allows the sash to be opened and the handle at 180º allows the sash to be tilted for ventilation.

Tilt-before-turn: the handle at 90º allows the sash to be tilted for ventilation and the handle at 180º allows the sash to be opened.


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