More than products, we offer solutions

At STAC, we aren’t just limited to product design and manufacture, we want to go beyond that and become your partner, improving your door and window systems.


Not only do we manufacture all our products, we also design them. Thanks to this, we can create a specific design that adapts to your needs.


Thanks to our extensive experience, we can advise you on the materials that are best suited to each of your applications.


We provide an after-sales service to give you the best global service, offering solutions at all times.

Custom design

At STAC, we aren’t just limited to product design and manufacture, we want to go beyond that and become your industrial partner.

About STAC Industry

3D prototyping

Before components are manufactured, our technical office creates a 3D prototype of the part.

Mould manufacture

Once designed, we manufacture precise moulds to obtain the hardware product that best adapts to your needs.

Extrusion die design

Thanks to our die-sinking department, we create our own extrusion dies for sealing gaskets and insulating profiles.

Material-related advice

At STAC, we have extensive knowledge of both the metallic and plastic materials that we use and their applications, and we offer you the chance to take advantage of all this expertise.

Polyamide 66

Our thermal break polyamide profiles are made from Polyamide 66 (PA 66), reinforced with 25% fibreglass.

Cutting-edge materials

Form high-resistance carbon steel to high-load and high-resistance acetal resin, we are always in search of the best materials for our applications.


We deal with all types of thermoplastics in our sealing gasket profiles, using the most suitable according to its properties.

Some of the post-processes that can be applied to our profiles:

  • Pre-cutting.
  • Drainage.
  • With a peelable layer.
  • With adhesive.
  • With foam.
  • With protective tape.

After-sales service

At STAC, we want to guide you through the whole process, which is why we like to be by your side even after installation.


We have all the documentation necessary for all our products, whether sealing gaskets, polyamide profiles, hardware or accessories.

Custom configuration

Whatever the configuration of your aluminium or PVC systems, we find the ideal combination of the best suited products, according to their application.

Assembly support

We have an in-house team to support you with on-site assembly, to resolve any questions that may arise, as they arise.

We want to be part of your team

We want to work with you to find the best solutions together.

That’s why we have a comprehensive technical office with the sole objective of making every stage of the process more efficient, not only with regards to our products, but also how they adapt to your aluminium and PVC profiles.


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