About us

More than a company, we are cutting edge, creativity, responsibility.

We design and manufacture all our products

At our production centre in Padrón, with over 50,000 m2, we design and manufacture all our products, including:

  • Hardware and accessories.
  • Polyamide and PVC insulating profiles.
  • EPDM sealing gaskets and all types of thermoplastics.
  • We lacquer all our products.
  • We have an in-house die-sinking and machinery department.

How we started

STAC’s journey started in 2001 with the design and manufacture or our first sealing gaskets.

Today, 20 years later, we have designed and manufactured over 4,000 gaskets; a true challenge through which we have grown, hand in hand with our clients.

How we became a global supplier for systems companies

In 2002 we began to design and manufacture hardware for aluminium systems and, later, for PVC systems. At present, we have over 15,000 items in stock.

But we didn’t stop there, in 2007 we opened our polyamide insulating profiles manufacturing plant, adding PVC in 2011.

We are one of the very few ATG-certified manufacturers offering tubular profiles with calibrated interior cavities.

By bringing together these three product lines, we became the first company able to offer services as a comprehensive supplier for any systems company.

Finally, in 2013 we launched our die-sinking and machinery line, enabling us to design and manufacture our own products and offer shorter delivery times.

Internationalisation is in our DNA

Our production centre is in Padrón, but we have always had a calling to go beyond our borders.

We have a total of 5 delegations, three of which are located outside of Spain.

We opened the first in 2010 in Poland, followed by Morocco in 2012 and Mexico in 2018.

Today, our products offer solutions in over 70 countries.

But, at STAC, we are much more than that

At STAC, we are more than you see, further demonstrated by our STACBOND composite panel production centre, which commenced production in 2008.

In 2017 we transferred this centre to Bierzo, creating the most advanced composite panel factory in the whole of Europe, but that still wasn’t enough.

Therefore, in 2019 we ventured into reel coating, becoming pioneers in terms of the quantity and quality of our finishes.


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