PLEXUS handle

PLEXUS handle

STAC’s design line considers one of its main goals to be the simplification of the visual impact of its hardware without sacrificing any functionality. To do so, we have focused on several approaches: minimalist, integrated and even invisible designs.

This has led us to the launch of the PLEXUS handle, specifically designed for projected openings, perfectly embodying the spirit of the current design objectives.

» Top-hung windows

This handle fits the most innovative Eurogroove top-hung opening systems, can be installed on any profile with a minimum of 13 mm to the groove, and perfectly integrates with the STAC Eurogroove hardware for this kind of device.

» Developed for profiles on perimeter windows with Eurogroove.

» Manilla ambidiestra, es decir, no tiene mano de apertura preestablecida.

» Single or double handle configurations according to the requirements of the user.

» Can be adapted to other types of groove on the market.

» Minimalist and functional design

Simple and sophisticated lines remain unchanged with time. The PLEXUS handle is especially attractive to architects and decorators thanks to its elegant, discreet and timeless design.

Designed with a focus on elementary geometric composition, the simplicity of the shapes and the precision of the finishes.

Asimismo, permite realizar configuraciones de manilla simple o doble manilla según las neceAlso allows for single or double handle configurations according to the requirements of the end user.

» Customisation

Cada vez son más los proyectos que buscan su singularidad a través de los acabados y en donde los accesorios se lacan en el mismo color que la carpintería de aThere are an increasing number of projects looking to set themselves apart with finishes, where the accessories are lacquered in the same colour as the aluminium carpentry.

Therefore, the PLEXUS handle is available lacquered in both black and white and in the colours of the RAL chart.

» Corrosion resistance

The components have been treated to guarantee over 240 hours of corrosion resistance in a salt spray chamber in accordance with European standard UNE-EN 1670: 2007, Building hardware. Corrosion resistance. Requirements and test methods”.

According to the parameters described in the standard, a grade 4 classification has been obtained, meaning the product may be used in environments with extreme climates.


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