New EPD for HITEP and PA66 profiles

STAC has obtained the Environmental Product Declaration, EPD, for its HITEP and PA66 thermal bridge break profiles with 25% fibreglass. 

With this statement, STAC shows its commitment to reducing the Life Cycle environmental impact of its products by providing transparent information verified by third-parties.

The EPD is a type III environmental declaration in accordance with ISO 14025. Specifically, STAC has developed its EPD in accordance with the most up-to-date version of ISO 14025:2006 and EN 15804:2012+A2:2019/AC:2021, and is registered under The International EPD System. For the realization of these EPD, PCR 2019:14 Construction Products, version 1.2.4, was followed.

The scope of the EPD obtained by STAC covers the product and end-of-life stages, including the modules of: supply of raw materials, transport, manufacturing, deconstruction, demolition, transport, waste treatment and final disposal.

The thermal bridge break profile is made of PA66 reinforced with 25% high thermal efficiency fibreglass. These profiles are used as a thermal insulating material, sandwiched between the exterior and interior aluminium profiles of doors and windows, which acts as a barrier to minimize the energy transfer between the exterior and the interior. STAC profiles can have a thermo-adhesive bead inserted in their dovetail to provide the transverse tension and shear strength that would be lost during the lacquering process.

You can view both EPDs on the Environdec website:

Thermal break profile HITEP

Thermal break profile PA 66 with 25% glass fibre

From its inception, across the entire STAC range and the manufacturing processes used, materials have been optimized to always achieve a simple, robust, aesthetic and functional product. This philosophy allows us to significantly reduce our environmental impact. STAC considers the life cycle of their products right from the drawing board. STAC in turn has the ISO 14001 certification, thanks to the Environmental Management System (SGMA) in use in our facilities, which meets the requirements of this regulation.


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