New Deneb Flush Bolts

In response to market demand for resistant and versatile door flush bolts, STAC has developed this new Deneb range of flush bolts.The Deneb flush bolts were designed with the following criteria in mind:


The Deneb flush bolts are designed to be compatible with all standard door groove profiles on the market. The geometry of the flush bolt means it can also be fitted on Eurogroove windows. The above characteristics allow one single product to be used on all market-standard series.


To cover the entire range of door specifications the Deneb flush bolts come in three different lengths:

– 140 mm: Short arm flush bolt designed specifically for multi-locking point doors. In double doors with multi-locking point systems there is very little remaining space to install the flush bolts, especially the lower one. This version of the Deneb flush bolt is just 140 mm long meaning it can be easily installed in this type of door without causing and obstruction.  

– 220 mm & 450 mm: Finishing off the range, STAC offers two longer models (220 mm & 450 mm) which means that the lever arm is in a more convenient position for the user, making it easier to operate in a range of situations.


These new flush bolts have stainless steel bolts which provide high strength and resistance in tensile testing.

The Deneb flush bolts are manufactured from aluminium and lacquered Zamak (the body), nickel coated Zamak (the lever) and stainless steel (the main force-bearing and wearing-prone components). These materials mean that the flush bolts are highly corrosion resistant.

Stylish design:
In most flush bolt designs the aesthetic aspects are a secondary concern. At STAC we have reinforced this part of the design, giving the Deneb flush bolts a uniform, stylish design with a high-quality finish. The 3 models are available in silver, black and white.

Easy operation:

The movement of the Deneb flush bolt mechanism is assisted by two springs which make moving the lever smooth and easy. 

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