CLX 160 kg TILT & TURN

At STAC we have a policy of constantly updating and improving our products and so we present our new CLX hinge. With just one product code, the hinges can be mounted on both left and right openings.

Due to the success of the current CLX hinges we decided to evolve the lower frame-side flag to make the product more versatile in installation whilst also reducing the client’s stock management load.

The simplified leaf design allows both the right and left leaf to be included in the tilt & turn kits, allowing the kits to become ambidextrous. For this purpose, references are supplied pre-assembled to the right.

The fundamentals in the development of this evolution were the following:


The tilt & turn CLX hinges allow a load capacity of up to 160 kg. It is mandatory to install the stabilization screw in the leaf.

For the weight range between 120 and 160 kg the use of a door profile is recommended and the installation of the CLX friction stay ref. T110301 is necessary.


With highly loaded windows it is essential that the adjustments are simple, effective and direct but above all that they are reliable.

All adjustment points are located in easy-to-reach areas and can be regulated with the leaf in place..

  • Height adjustment: +2,5 mm -0,5 mm with a 5 mm allen key.
  • Lateral adjustment: ± 1,3 mm with a 2,5 mm allen key.
  • Tightening adjustment: +0,5 mm using an eccentric bushing.

Taking in to consideration that the materials have a limited resistance, the profiles available are diverse and each extruder can vary the profile thickness even though they maintain the exact groove dimensions. Therefore the reliability of the hinges has to be ensured against a small possibility of the sash failing.

Therefore, two extra specific security measures have been implemented:

  • Security pin in the lower sash hinge leaf counterplate that prevents the sash falling  where the counterplate has broken due to strong blows or displacements that affect how the hinges work.     
  • Retention piece in the upper frame hinge leaf that avoids tearing from the frame groove.

Like all STAC hardware, the CLX hinges have been developed with the fitter in mind, so the number of fixing screws has been reduced to speeding up installation.


Compatibility with all STAC tilt & turn hardware as well as with Euro Groove profiles in all variant frame profiles.

  • Available in the whole range of RAL powder coating.
  • Availability in raw finish.
  • Available in anodized finish*.

* Kits with anodized finish keep references by hand.

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