CH180 PLUS CONCEALED HINGE                        

The trend in architecture and design for pure, simple spaces and objects has meant that closure systems have had to evolve in this direction, offering systems with ever larger fenestrations and doors / windows to make the light the leading element. This has meant that accessories have been reduced to the bare essentials.

This trend has led to the market being flooded by many different concealed hinges designed for the Euro Groove profiles. However, clients and fitters are increasingly demanding concealed hinges which allow full opening of the door or window. In response to this demand, we are pleased to launch the STAC CH180 PLUS concealed hinge.

This new product has been designed to provide a strong and long-lasting product for the demanding market of concealed tilt & turn openings. The new hinge stand out for the quality of the raw materials used and for the ease of installation on the window. In the design phase, the STAC R&D department took the following design considerations into account:


Product is complete and fully integrated with STAC’s solutions for both tilt & turn and bottom-hung windows:

– Estándar
– EVO – Soft
– EVO – Security

The upper hinge has been integrated into a stay that has been specially designed for these new hinges and which is compatible with the entire range of STAC’s hardware for the Euro Groove system.

Also available concealed hinges for the second sash with the same adjustments as the active sash.

STAC has managed to simplify the kinematics of the joint and it is configured in a manner which allows 180º opening with hardly any wasteful movement. This means that the movement is softer and increases user comfort.


The hinges incorporate 3D adjustment to make on-site adjustments easier.

> Vertical adjustment: +3 / – 0.5 mm
> Horizontal adjustment: ±1,5 mm
> Closure adjustment: +0.5 mm

All adjustment points are located in easy-to-reach areas and can be regulated with the leaf in place.


 Like all STAC hardware, the hinges have been designed with the fitter in mind. To this end, all parts are supplied pre-assembled and no type of machining or special operations on the profiles is required.

In the lower hinge, there are two well differentiated parts which are pre-mounted to the frame and sasg and they are then attached together during the assembly of the sash into the frame.




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