Energy efficiency

At STAC, we consider energy efficiency as a whole within the window system, designing and building products that insulate the entire system more efficiently.

Insulating profiles

Our polyamide and ABS profiles are the key to correctly achieving thermal break.

Sealing gaskets

Thanks to our gaskets, which insulate both thermally and acoustically, your systems will be much more watertight.

Hardware and accessories

Finally, thanks to our hardware, your system will be correctly sealed, insulated from the outside.

A committed team

At STAC, not only do we offer you our very best products for the thermal and acoustic insulation of your systems, our team is also 100% committed to offering you the best solutions.

Thanks to our comprehensive technical office, we can recommend all the improvements available in the design of insulating profiles, sealing gaskets, hardware and accessories, so that we can improve side by side.

We have 20 years of experience in the custom design of solutions for systems companies, and we offer you all our expertise to achieve the best levels of quality and insulation.


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