Two-way cover

Two-way covers

Two-way transmission covers that have been specifically designed for top-hung opening systems with Eurogroove profiles are available.

The transmission covers allow the installation of two-way cremones, which transmit this type of movement to the hardware that makes up the top-hung windows.

» Limiting friction stay with retention

The two-way transmission covers enable the installation of the limiting friction stay (ref. 130801).

The locking or retention of the friction stay is carried out by moving the cremone into the limiting position, and access to the unlocking position is gained by use of a pin torx key.

» More locking possibilities

The two-way covers increase the locking options by allowing the installation of terminals on the various configurations of top-hung windows.

» Intuitive installation

The installation of the covers is more intuitive as it allows for the symmetrical distribution of the various locking points on the different perimetral configurations of the window.


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