The sliding window market is increasingly demanding more aesthetically and functionally refined products.

STAC has evolved its range of sliding window handles with a modern design which incorporates new solutions.

> Fast assembly

One of the most important goals in the design of this new range was to make the work of the aluminium carpenters and installers much easier.

Automatic installation. Both the lock and finger pull have an automatic installation system which allows for differences in the length of the recess of ± 3 mm and also have wider flanges to hide any mechanized imperfections.

Automatic – Manual closing action. The new range makes it as simple as removing a spring to change from an automatic closing action to a manual one.

> Easy adjustment

Most of the sliding handles do not have a system to regulate the locking hooks, so the window does not close properly, allowing air and water to get inside.

Adjustment. The frontal hook adjustment system with a closing mechanism allows adjusting the hook even when the window is closed. This means that the window is more weatherproof than ever.

Retention. To ensure closure position, some grooves on the hooks have been made in order to improve retention when the hook hits the lock and the handles are improperly used.

> Security

Fixing system. The fixing system location has changed from the lower part of the handle to the upper part. This makes the dismantling of the handle less intuitive, as the locks work by pressing downwards.

Retention system. A retention system which can be accessed from the front, which impedes removal of the lock from the frame after installation.

> Durability

The system for fixing the locks to the profile are made of highly resistant technical plastics and the finger pulls are made of Zamak, providing greater strength and robustness on closure.

With & Without key versions. Specially for clients who are looking for a safer option, a key version of the lock is available, which allows to block the window opening.

> Aesthetic

The aesthetic goals when developing the new Titan range were clean lines and modern designs. STAC has produced modern, elegant products with no fixing system left in view.

The locking system has been incorporated into the finger pull to maintain the clean lines of the design and make the product stand out from the competition.

Furthermore, the Titan finger pull has the same style as the lock, providing a harmonious look to the design.

As for the pull handle, the majority of pull handles for sliders leave the lock in view which is quite unsightly as far as the design goes and also makes the action sequence of operating the lock and pulling the handle to open the window more complicated.


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