TITAN MAX handle

TITAN MAX handle

We are expanding our line of TITAN products by introducing a new solution for sliding systems with multiple locking points through an innovative new lock: the TITAN MAX flush handle.

  • The handle has the unique characteristics of STAC’s range of multipoint locks, which allow the full 180º movement of a 7 mm spindle.
  • It has a wide finger grip to facilitate opening of large windows.
  • The product includes fast-assembly cover caps to conceal the fixing screws.

» Installation of double handle

The flush handle enables the installation of a double handle (interior / exterior). This configuration accompanied by STAC’s range of multipoint locks with key guarantees that the window is securely closed at all times.

The minimum profile size for the double handle configuration is 48 mm.

» Sashes to cross over each other

The flush design makes it possible for the sashes to cross over each other.

For the sashes to cross over each other, a minimum distance of 4 mm is necessary between the profiles of the central joint.

» TITAN aesthetic line

During the design process we placed particular focus on ensuring integration with the other products in the TITAN range, maintaining the range’s defining characteristics:

  • Modern, clean and elegant range of products.
  • Attachment to the profile without visible screws.

» Quick and intuitive installation

We have taken care to facilitate product installation by means of:

  • Easy to perform machining.
  • Direct installation of the handle base to the profile.
  • Fast-assembly cover caps to conceal the fixing screws.

» Product ergonomics

Product ergonomics were an important factor during the design process, eliminating uncomfortable ridges for users and maximising the pushing area without compromising on design.

This all contributes to significantly increasing the intrinsic product quality perceived by the user.


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