STAC presents their new handle for multipoint systems with a design that is flush with the profile of the window leaf and which allows the leaves to pass each other in sliding systems.

This is a completely new design concept as, by modifying the opening system; it makes operation by the user easier, leveraging the unique characteristics of STAC multipoint locks which allow full, 180º movement of the spindle. This means that to move to the opening position the lever is moved through 180º to leave the lower finger pull – where the user pulls to move the sash – free and this allows the leaves to pass each other without having to move the lever again, in contrast with other flush-fitting handles.


The design has been carefully considered to ensure integration with the other hardware in the TITAN range, keeping the same dimensions, the overall look and eliminating the visible screws.
Special emphasis has also been placed on the ergonomics of operation, removing uncomfortable ridges and maximizing the pushing area without compromising on style.

This all contributes to a considerable improvement in perceived product quality.

As always, STAC has paid close attention to ensure ease of installation, maintaining the same machining dimensions for mounting the closing latches and we have designed rapid installation cover plates for the fixing screws.

This product has two different spindle length options for use with different available series, the 28 mm spindle being the minimum sash profile width permitted.

This product continues STAC’s promise of quality, style and ease of use which is setting new standards in the window hardware world.

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