TITAN FLAP pull handle

TITAN FLAP pull handle

We are extending our TITAN product line, mainly focused on sliding window systems with multipoint closures, by incorporating the TITAN FLAP handle with operating lever.

  • It stands out for being a robust handle that facilitates the movement of sliding windows of large weights and dimensions.
  • The cam-operated handle significantly reduces the effort required to move the closing points.

» Double handle configuration with locking

The multipoint handle allows the installation of a double handle on the window (internal and external opening).

This configuration, together with the STAC key-operated multi-point handles, allows us to guarantee secure locking on both sides of the window at all times.

» TITAN Aesthetic line

In the design process we have placed emphasis on favouring integration with the range of products that make up the TITAN line:

  • The cam integrated in the base itself reduces the visual impact of the multipoint handle.
  • The fixing system to the window profile is made without visible screws, making possible a modern, clean and elegant product line.

» Quick and intuitive installation

In all our developments we pay special attention to facilitate the installation of the products through practical and simple profile machining.

The handle base is fixed directly to the profile by means of threaded plate screws and then the handle is installed, which allows the fixing screws to be concealed.

» Product ergonomics

In sliding window openings of large weights and dimensions, ergonomics is a key factor to take into account during the design process.

This is why we have maximised both the grip area of the handle and the cam surface that allows the multi-point lock to be operated.

» Compatibility

The TITAN FLAP handle is adaptable to any multipoint locking system with a 7 mm square and enables the handle to be installed on the outside of the sliding window.

In any case, the handle does not allow the sliding window ventilation position.


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