STAC is moving towards improving, updating and simplifying all the documentation for its product lines. The documents are more intuitive achieving a simple and easy to understand product with the objective of achieving a satisfactory end user experience.

Within this new line of work is already available the update of the TFS  operating rod punch and cropper machines.

The TFS code manual allows quick and easy programming of operating rod punch and cropper machines in order to obtain the hardware motion transmission rod according to the selected window configuration.

  • Compatible with STAC machines: TFS-02TFS-04TFS-05 and TFS-06.
  • It allows to obtain automatically or manually the transmission rods for Euro Groove and 16 mm Groove profiles.
  • It allows to quickly obtain the transmission rod from a certain number of windows that share the same characteristics. For example, for 100 units of the same window, it prepares 100 units of each transmission rod separately.
  • The update includes all the new hardware: minimalist handles, detachable handles, concealed handle, tilt-before-turn sequencer, tilt & turn door sequencer, EVO-SECURITY safety hardware,…

The new manual can be found under reference MKT-0243 and you can request a printed version through the commercial network, sending an email to or through the download section of the website. 

The choice of STAC products is synonymous with cutting-edge design, optimal performance and trust which only market leading companies can offer.


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