TAU door pull handles

TAU door pull handles

We have updated the TAU line of door hardware by adding a hidden fastening system that reduces the visual impact created by the systems for attaching the handles to the frame.

By doing so, we significantly enhance the minimalist character of the TAU pull handles.

» TAU door handle range

The TAU range is particularly appealing to architects and interior designers with its elegant, discreet and timeless designs.

They are designed and engineered with constant consideration for elementary geometric composition, proportions and simplicity of form.

» High degree of customisation

The TAU range is available in single or set configurations, with either straight or offset aesthetics.

The offset handles are hand-held depending on the type of door system opening: left or right-handed.

In addition, the entire line allows the combination of different finishes depending on the type of handle and trim kits.

» Multiple fastening options

All the options have independent fastening systems that can be adapted to all types of solutions, both avant-garde and more conventional.

  • Simple configurations

05244001 Concealed fastening system

The system has been designed to fix the handle in systems with RPT (thermal break) or with internal partition walls, as the bolt is screwed directly to the frame..

Fastening is carried out by installing a bolt, leaving the opposite side of the frame clear of any exposed elements.

05244003 Fastening system with trim

The system is used on simple single-tube frame profiles, where fastening is required on both sides of the frame to ensure a secure hold on the door.

A stainless steel trim is installed on the side opposite the handle to minimise the visual impact.

  • Double configurations

05244002 Double fastening system

Fastening is carried out by installing a bolt on each side of the frame, making double handle assemblies possible.

» Architecture is colour

There are more and more projects where, looking for their singularity through colours or finishes, the accessories are lacquered in the same colours as the carpentry.

The entire handle range is available in a combination of different finishes between the handle and the trim kits.

They are available in anodised stainless steel, natural or stainless steel as well as in white or black lacquer or in the colours that make up the RAL chart, a system for combining shades that defines colours for paints, plastics and coatings.

» High frequency of use

The handles have been specially designed for installation on doors in buildings or public areas where there is a high use frequency by users or other people who are not very careful, which could lead to the possibility of misuse: communal areas of shopping centres, health care facilities, educational centres, office buildings, airports, passenger stations,…


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