STMC Copying Templates

STAC offers all aluminium workshops copying templates that give direct access to multiple machining dimensions of the various hardware ranges.

  • Standard handles for windows and doors. 
  • Minimalist door, window and 16 mm groove handles. 
  • ATRIA range of finger pulls and pull handles.
  • LS200 / LS400 Lift & Slide hardware. 
  • 7 / 33.5 mm transmission boxes.
  • TITAN, FENIX and DRACO recessed closure ranges. 
  • Multipoint locks for sliding windows.
  • Outward opening window hardware.
  • Tilt & Turn door sequencer.

The following steps in the development of machining templates have been followed by the R&D department:


Traditional machining solutions require multiple, tedious manual operations to transfer machining measurements to milling machines. By using templates in aluminium copiers, machining is done directly via measuring feelers.


The accumulation of documents and information means that in the long run the control of records is lost, directly decreasing effectiveness of the tasks. The copying templates ensure that workshops have greater control, organization and classification of information, allowing them to optimize their processes, better time management, full access to information and, above all, a reduction in information consultation time.


A single copying template allows access to different machining measurements, thus ensuring a reduction in stock, avoiding loss of information and minimizing possible errors in workshops where several operators can perform machining operations at the same time, and where errors and time losses are common when locating and managing information.


The templates have been developed as a competitively priced solution, within the budget of all workshops. These are the best spec and best priced solution on the market.

Choosing STAC products is synonymous with cutting-edge design, optimum performance and reliability, which only market leaders can offer.

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