The architectural closures market demands minimalist sliding systems with the least visible profile possible and the greatest glass surface area, improved specifications for large-scale openings and easy operability.

The action of lift & slide doors and windows needs to be simple but still provide the user with the highest possible comfort and security. 

Silent and buffered closure

At STAC we are constantly researching and developing new products to satisfy those demands.

Following these principles we are pleased to present the new SOFT-CLOSING active security solution. This protective system allows a silent, buffered closure of the sliding sash, independent of the force applied to it.

The sash decelerates 100 mm before reaching the frame profile and gently slides into its final closing position. The sliding sash’s stopping system guarantees a smooth, safe closure even when it is closed with force. The new anti-trap system is compact and easy to adjust and is ideal for use in public spaces and where there are children.


The SOFT-CLOSING protective system is compatible with almost all lift and slide systems on the market and no machining to the profile is required for installation.

Using the SOFT-CLOSING in conjunction with the SOFT-LIFT, damping system, which avoids brusque flipping of the handle during the lifting procedure, leads to reduced tension on the components which comprise lift and slide systems, thereby guaranteeing long-term durability and providing the user with a high-spec sliding system.

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