MV Multipoint locks

MV Multipoint locks with key

According to the Technical Building Code, homes are required to have a general ventilation system that must allow air to circulate from dry to damp rooms, also stating that micro-ventilation systems must guarantee class 1 air permeability in the opened position, in accordance with European standard UNE-EN 12207.

That is why we are introducing the MV multi-point locks with key for sliding systems. The locks are designed for use with actuators that rotate through 180°, making it possible to use micro-ventilation devices in sliding windows with keyed multi-points.

» Micro-ventilation position

The MV multipoint locks are compatible with all standard handles with 7 mm square spindle (SIRIUS, POLARIS or ALTAIR) and provide a micro-ventilation position on sliding windows.

» Compatibility with TITAN flush handles

TITAN and TITAN MAX handles with flush design take advantage of MV multipoint latches’ unique feature that allows the 7 mm square drive to move up to 180°, thus facilitating their operation and the crossover of sashes in sliding windows.

» Safety systems

The multi-point locks are available in lengths of 1600 and 1800 mm respectively, with a 15 mm needle, to adapt to the different sliding window frames and with different locking points strategically distributed to improve the security of the systems, especially on exterior access balcony doors.

The MV multi-point lockable handles guarantee secure locking for balcony doors at all times, both internally and externally, as the standard SIRIUS, POLARIS or ALTAIR handles as well as the TITAN MAX flush handle allow for double handle configurations.

All options have an anti-lifting system that prevents the sash from being dismantled when it is in the closed position and a damping stop that prevents the sash from hitting directly against the metal frame, avoiding any undesirable noise produced when closing.

» Larger leaf opening

By turning the handle 180º on straight handles and positioning the strikers in the frame in the right way, it is possible to reduce the distance between the cross profiles, significantly increasing the leaf opening, because with the handle in this position the point of interference against the central node is delayed.

» Corrosion resistance

The steel plates have been treated to guarantee corrosion resistance in compliance with the UNE-EN 1670. Also, the locks are supplied with a corrosion protection finish that means they can be used in environments with severe climatic conditions, especially in high salinity environments such as coastal areas.


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