Minimalist pull handle

The trend toward minimalism in the world of architecture has spread internationally in recent years. In line with this trend, we provide innovative solutions to generate unique experiences.

We present the first, and totally new, minimalist, architectural pull handle.

» Pull handle without trim

The pull handle stands out for its simplicity and clean style, where the lines, forms and materials all come together in harmony. Despite its visual simplicity, the design is not casual and everything is planned with exhaustive precision.

The minimalist handles for lift & slide systems have no visible trim, the drive mechanism is completely hidden inside the body. In this way, both the fixing system and the indexing mechanism, which allows the opening and closing positions to be marked at 180º of rotation, are hidden from view.

» High performance

Both the strength and durability of the mechanism are important factors in the design stage, ensuring the same performance as a conventional handle.

The perception of quality is complete, highlighting the refined finish, the careful design and the smooth rotation and movement.

The practicality and simplicity mean that the installer can significantly reduce installation times and better optimize their time.


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