> Complete range 

This line of minimalist handles is compatible with the various types of opening that exist:

  • Door
  • Window
  • Multipoint
  • 16 mm groove standard hardware
  • Standard solutions with 7 mm spindle

> Only the handle is seen

With this design premise, we have concentrated on a unique product of minimalist design together with a simple, reliable and very robust mechanism.

The aesthetics of the handle are concentrated in the style and character of   the system lines which then gives us unprecedented creative liberty.

> A direct handle installation> Instalación directa de la manilla

The handle is supplied with a positioning and retention mechanism that allows it to be installed directly with a “click”.

Removing the handle is equally simple (using the correct tool) which allows our clients to transport the windows without the handle in place and install them on site. This advantage therefore prevents the handles being damaged, scratched or splashed with plaster or paint, etc.

> Adaptability

Can be adapted to fit the various profiles available on the market via a floating piece with 2 or 4 fixturesAdaptabilidad a diferentes series de perfil existentes en el mercado a través de pieza flotante de 2 o 4 apoyos (multipunto, Herraje estándar de C16 y Soluciones estándar para cuadradillo de 7 mm)

> Style

Available in a range of styles allowing the user to choose the option which best suits their needs.

  • Straight: discreet, simple and timeless design. 
  • Curved: organic design, elegant and smooth.

> Full range of finishes

Available in all finishes offered by STAC:

  • Lacquered: in a full range of RAL colours including metallic, textured and speckled Paint finishes.
  • Anodized: natural matte or stainless Steel matte. 

We have also taken into consideration one of the most requested finishes from clients: Raw

  • Assembly instructions: Minimalist door handle

  • Assembly instructions: Multipoint minimalist handle (2 fixtures)

  • Assembly instructions: Multipoint minimalist handle (4 fixtures)

  • Assembly instructions: Minimalist windows handle


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