Minimalist handles

Minimalist handles

For all those who yearn for a sense of creativity, quality and innovation in their spaces, we offer a range of minimalist handles.

During the design process, we steered away from all unnecessary elements, developing a hidden mechanism that leaves only the handle visible.

Thanks to this, we can offer a complete range of technical solutions that provide strength and reliability throughout their service life, complying with the strictest quality standards..

» Now also for PVC systems

After the success of our range of handles for hinged aluminium systems, we have adapted our minimalist concept to PVC opening systems, offering the first handle for this type of fenestration with no visible sleeve or rose.

» Only the handle is visible


Under this design premise, we have brought together a minimalist design with a simple and robust mechanism in a single product.

The different aesthetics of the handle give the system style and character, providing unprecedented creative freedom.

» Multiple opening systems

Our range of minimalist handles is compatible with multiple aluminium or PVC opening systems available on the architectural enclosure market, particularly the following:

  • Windows with euro groove or 16 mm groove profiles.
  • Windows with side-hung or tilt & turn openings.
  • Sliding windows with multipoint locks.
  • Inward opening doors with one or two sashes.

» Direct installation

The handles are equipped with a positioning and retention mechanism, thanks to which they can be installed directly through a simple “click”. Their removal is equally practical and simple.

Their practical installation allows our customers to transport the windows without the handle, which can be attached upon completion of the work.

This protects the handles against possible splatter by plaster or paint, blows and scratches.

» Colour customisation

Projects find a unique look through new colours or finishes. Our range of minimalist handles is fully customisable and is available both in white or black lacquer and in the colours that make up the RAL chart, a colour matching system that defines colours for paints, plastics and coatings.

» Strict safety testing

Our minimalist handles enable the opening and closing of doors or windows in strict compliance with the safety parameters established in European standards UNE-EN 13126-3 and UNE-EN 1906. They also comply with the usability and ergonomics criteria established for this type of hardware.

» Corrosion resistance

The zamak parts composing the handles have been treated to ensure a corrosion resistance of over 240 hours in Saline Mist Chamber (SMC) in compliance with UNE-EN 1670.

In accordance with the parameters described in the standard, a grade 4 classification has been obtained, meaning the product may be used in environments with extreme climates.


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