KAIROX handles



STAC presents KAIROX, their new range of stainless steel handles for door and window systems. This new range includes various models allowing you to choose the one that best fits the end user’s requirements.

Both the handles and the rosettes are designed and made of the highest quality AISI 304 stainless steel.

> Metallic internal mechanism, strong and precise

The new range of KAIROX handles has been subjected to a range of tests in accordance with international standards and achieved results surpassing these specifications.

> Simple, discreet and timeless design

Clean, discreet and sophisticated lines never go out of fashion. The new range of handles allows different styles to be mixed to achieve a cohesive design.

> Curved models available

Each product line (doors and windows) has curved models of each handle available. These protect users from possible snagging and/or injury.

> Public areas

The stainless steel allows the product’s original characteristics to remain unaltered and the handles stay strong, hygienic and maintain their appearance. This makes the handles ideal for public areas as they can be easily cleaned with industrial products.

> The value of handmade products

Craftsmanship is a blend of design and art. It’s not just originality that gives hand-crafted items added value, quality is implicit and that’s why all the handles are manufactured and polished by hand, one by one to imbue the product with an inherent value as well as the durability, originality and brand value that you expect from STAC.


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