Jumeirah Gate


Jumeirah Gate is a multi-purpose complex consisting of two twin towers of 225.000 m2, located in the district of Marina in Dubai. This complex will house 479 residences, a five stars hotel with 182 rooms and 496 serviced residences. Design and comfort are both constants in its more than 290 meters high.


For a project of such a magnitude, the thermal break must be up to it. In order to improve the energy efficiency of the structure, more than 200.000 meters of Polyamide 66, 25% glass fibre reinforced thermal break profiles will be used.

This material, due to their mechanical resistance, isolating capability and durability, is the most appropriate for projects with such a grade of complexity, which require the highest quality standards in every point.


For this project, a set of exclusive, very complex geometries and big area profiles have been used, in order to optimize the thermal isolation. Some of the references are up to 60 mm wide.
STAC in cooperation with Zebian industries, has been able to give support and advice on this point, based on the experience acquired in its years in the sector of extrusion of thermal break.
 Joining design and material selection, we could obtain an excellent climatization, avoiding leaks of hot and cold inside the building. In this way, we achieve that the interior of the dwellings is always as comfortable as it is expected of a luxury complex.

Thermal break also results in lower energy consumption, which means more environmentally sustainable buildings and helps to comply with various environmental regulations and certifications.
Projects of such a technical complexity, make a company great, by forcing it to overcome itself with each new production. With its completion in 2020, we will be in front of another achievement that we feel part of. 


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