HP shootbolt levers

HP shootbolt levers

We have paid special attention in developing new accessories to provide a universal solution for passive sash locking systems.

This is why we have added the HP shootbolt levers to our product line for second leaf, which are especially suited for installation in large-format, high-performance windows.

» Compatibility

HP shootbolt levers, using only two locking references in the passive sash, can cover all the locking configurations used in the active sash: locking to the inverter, locking to the frame and tilt-before-turn operation, both with standard locking points and EVO-SECURITY locking points.

» Quick and intuitive installation

Since the initial design stage we have made it our main priority that the levers should be easy to install.

  • Kit with two-way shootbolt lever and levers: direct fixing of the whole assembly through the two-way lever by means of grub screws.
  • Kit with extendible shootbolt levers: simple adjustment of the toggle pins by means of a single screw at the base of the lever terminal.

In addition, the shootbolt lever is longer to make it easier to operate, allowing the direct attachment of transmission plates for very large sash dimensions.

» Strength

The latches are made of stainless steel in order to provide greater strength and surface finish to the products.

» AEV Tests

HP shootbolt levers offer improved performance in AEV tests, which classify the hardware according to air permeability, water tightness and wind load resistance.


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