HD keeper

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Architectural design trends are for maximum glass surfaces in enclosures, both for fixed and moving leaves. This means that panes in windows and patio doors become larger and larger.

In certain situations, the size of the moving leaf is so large that the length of the perimeter seal of the entire window or door complicates the closing action as it is necessary to compress the entire joint to achieve efficient closure of the window/door.

To reduce this problem, we present the novel HD keeper system to facilitate the closing of of large format windows and patio doors.

» HD keeper

By using special keepers, installed close to the hinges, we are able to bring the window leaf closer to the frame profile and this in turn allows for the complete closure of the system with conventional keepers.

The user only needs to move the leaf closer to the frame and operate the handle through 180º, without the need to push on the sash, thus achieving adequate closing of the window or patio door.


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