The definition of minimalism
STAC’s work on the design of the HADES concealed handle has been recognised around the world and has won awards in the field of product design. Our innovative design has been honoured with some of the most prestigious international awards.


At the start of 2019, the German Design Council presented one of its top design awards to the HADES concealed handle. The awards provide great international prestige and aim to discover, present and extol the best trends in the field of design.


The HADES hidden handle won the 2018 Red Dot Award: Product Design, the most coveted distinction in the world of product design. The award ceremony brings together hundreds of the world’s most acclaimed designers. The strict evaluation criteria, which include the level of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics and durability, provide a frame of reference that jurors extend with their own experience.

For the 2018 awards, designers and manufacturers from 59 different countries submitted over 6,300 products for consideration. Therefore, the Red Dot Award: Product Design has become one of the best-known evaluation procedures for creative design and innovation.


The prize is awarded annually by the world’s oldest independent design institution, the iF International Forum Design GmbH of Hannover. In the 2018 edition of the awards, the HADES handle won in the “Construction Technology” category of the “Product” discipline.

NAN – Arquitectura y Construcción Award 2018

The prizes awarded by the publishing company of the magazine NAN Arquitectura y Construcción reward the most outstanding projects in their incessant work for recognising the work of the agents involved in the field of construction and architecture. The HADES concealed handle won the 12th NAN Arquitectura y Construcción Awards in the “Locksmith and Metalwork” category.
El trabajo realizado por STAC diseñando la manilla oculta HADES ha tenido gran reconocimiento y ha sido galardonado dentro del ámbito del diseño de producto. Este innovador diseño ha sido distinguido con los premios nacionales e internacionales más prestigiosos.


A principios de año el Consejo de Diseño Alemán otorga el premio German Design Award, uno de los máximos galardones del diseño, a la manilla HADES. Su concesión proporciona un gran prestigio a nivel internacional y tiene como objetivo descubrir, presentar y ensalzar las mejores tendencias en el ámbito del diseño.

The road to success

In recent years, companies in the architectural closure sector have focused their efforts on developing new solutions with minimal visual impact, thus enabling the creation of open spaces and bright rooms, highlighting the pure lines. Following this trend, STAC took the decision to redefine minimalism in aluminium systems.

Our starting point was a 70 mm concealed leaf series onto which we installed CH180 hardware with lateral-opening concealed hinges. We see that the frontal section of the aluminium is reduced and the concealed hinges make the system discreet, lean system with which we strive for the best mechanical and thermal specifications. For the mechanical action we opted for the ALFA handle from our minimalist hardware range. An intuitive to use handle with a discreet, simple and timeless design and pure, elegant lines. 

And if there was some way to hide the handle… After many hours of Research & Development by STAC’s Product Design and Development team in the hardware and accessories division, we came up with various prototypes which were then subjected to rigorous testing in our in-house Mechanical Assay Lab.

The result is a handle that is hidden from a frontal perspective with the following characteristics::

Innovative design

We are the first to eliminate the handle from the face of the profile of a hinged or tilt & turn window.

Useful design

The priority of all design should be the usability of the product. That’s why we focused on developing a mechanism that is as integrated into the window as possible, removing the superfluous characteristics and functions that took us in other directions away from our target.


The aesthetics of a product go hand in hand with its usability as those products which are used most frequently in daily life have an indirect effect on people and their wellbeing. We understand that light is the main protagonist in any window.

Understandable product

We have simplified the handle’s structure and focused on making its function clear and intuitive for the final user.

Discreet design

The handle and its design are both neutral and sombre. We decided against making it decorative, even though it is a work of art. The objective was to create a space of communication between the user and their surroundings through a discreet closure and hardware system.

Lean design

From the start we focused on creating a hidden, double-position handle for the tilt & turn mechanism and we did away with everything that was unnecessary for this specific functionality. This is the true value and innovation of the concealed handle designed by STAC.

Timeless, lasting value

Fashion is inherently fleeting and subjective. The correct deployment of good design results in anachronistically useful products.

Minimum expression

Less, but better executed. We have focused on the fundamental aspects of a handle such as its ergonomics, robustness, ease of use and smoothness, combining to reduce the number of components in relation to conventional handles. The result is a product with increased purity and simplicity.

Architecture is colour

There are ever more projects which try to stand out through their used of colour and finishes; the hardware can be painted in the same colour as the aluminium carpentry. At STAC we believe that architecture is colour and we have made it possible to paint the materials used in the handles in any colour from the RAL range. We are sure you’ll love them.

Exhaustive design, right to the last detail

All aspects were taking into account, including choice of materials, mechanical adjustment between the various parts of the mechanism, simplicity in the machining and installation of the handle, the shape of the handles, including the cavity of the handle which can be used as a finger pull for operating the window.

Environmentally responsible handle

The material used is a zinc alloy. This metal has a low fusion point and so requires less energy for its transformation; it is abundant in nature and also recyclable and recoverable.

We have used 100% recovered materials in the manufacture of this handle, making a significant contribution to protecting the environment via conservation of resources and minimising physical and visual contamination throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Product designed following the design philosophy of Dieter Rams.


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