DELTA range

DELTA design line

We have updated our range of handles and cremones with the new DELTA geometric handle design.

For all those who long for a sense of creativity, quality and innovation in their spaces, we bring you a complete range of technical solutions with the highest quality standards: the DELTA range of handles and cremones with geometric handle and minimalist design.

» Minimalist, useful and functional design

The design must give priority to the usefulness of the product, so we have focused on developing a mechanism that is as integrated as possible in the current aluminium window and door frames, avoiding those features that would take us away from this objective.

The simple design is the one that stands the test of time. The handle design focuses on the style and character of the system, which allows us great creative freedom.

» Product aesthetic

The aesthetic of a product is an integral part of its usefulness, as products used on a daily basis tend to have an indirect effect on people and their well-being.

We have placed special emphasis on the ergonomics of use by eliminating any obtrusive edges for the user.

» Compatibility with current opening systems

The ALFA range of handles and cremones is suitable for different types of aluminium opening systems available on the market:

  • Windows with side-hung or tilt & turn openings.
  • Sliding opening windows with multi-point locking.
  • Windows with Eurogroove or 16 mm groove profiles.
  • Single and double-sash doors with both inward and outward opening.

» Versatile products

The handle, in its door version, has been designed to be used intensively in buildings with a high frequency of passage or large dimensions such as public doors with door closers, where the handle has to constantly withstand all kinds of stresses and blows.

» Personalisation through colour

Projects find a unique look through new colours or finishes.

The range of handles and cremones is fully customisable and is available in white or black lacquer as well as in the colours that make up the RAL colour chart, a colour matching system that defines colours for paints, plastics and coatings.

» Corrosion resistance

The parts that make up the handles have been treated to guarantee resistance to corrosion, exceeding 240 hours in a Salt Fog Chamber (CNS) in compliance with the UNE-EN 1670 standard.

According to the parameters described in the standard, a grade 4 classification has been obtained, which allows the possibility of using the handles in environments with severe climatic conditions.


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