ALFA cover plate

ALFA cylinder cover plate

We have paid special attention to the development of new solutions that meet the demands of contemporary architecture. Currently, one of the main concerns is the tampering to which open-access lock systems are subjected, as it is the locks, shields and other components that are responsible for controlling access to the inside of public buildings, offices or multi-family housing.

Therefore, at STAC we are launching the ALFA tamper-proof cover plate for European cylinder locks. The cover plate prevents direct access to the cylinder by means of brute-force attacks such as breakage, drilling or forced extraction and increases the security of the door by preventing the removal of the cylinder.

» Anti-tamper system

The ALFA cover plate has a new design that prevents its removal from the door as the cylinder itself acts as a clasp, reducing the possibility of tampering and theft.

To install, the cover plate is guided onto the fluted zamak base, then the European cylinder, which prevents disassembly of the cover plate, is fitted.

» For locks with a European cylinder

European-type cylinders help prevent various types of opening, such as opening with brute-force or tools, or by means of advanced picking techniques.

» Architecture is colour

There are an increasing number of projects looking to set themselves apart with finishes, where the accessories are lacquered in the same colour as the aluminium carpentry.

We understand that architecture is colour and we offer the possibility of lacquering the cover plate with eye-catching colours and finishes.

The ALFA cover plate is available lacquered in both black and white and in the colours of the RAL chart.

» Corrosion resistant

The components have been treated to guarantee over 240 hours of corrosion resistance in a salt spray chamber in accordance with European standard UNE-EN 1670: 2007.

According to the parameters described in the standard, the cover plate has been granted a grade 4 classification, meaning the product may be used in environments with extreme climates.


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