TAU pull handles

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With two new sizes, the TAU range of pull handles, both straight and offset for right or left openings, is now available in different lengths.

The new dimensions, ranging from the 450 millimetres of the current pull handles to 1200 millimetres, allow us to adapt to a wider range of door lengths and respond to customer requirements.

» Lengths available

The pull handles in the minimalist ranges have been developed for public buildings and are available in 3 lengths: 450, 800 and 1200 millimetres.

» High frequency use

The handles have been specifically designed for installation on doors of public buildings or in public areas where there is a high frequency of use by users or other persons who may be careless in their use or who may even deliberately abuse them. Examples include: common areas of shopping centres, health facilities, educational establishments, office buildings, airports, bus / train stations, and many more.


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