Stainless steel Gamma handle

Innovation is the key to our holistic approach to all our products. This value allows us to express the industrial concept, with multiple possibilities of customization of materials, finishes and colours.

The Gamma model of our range of minimalist handles – characterized by smooth curves, ergonomic handling and excellent hand grip – is available in AISI 304 stainless steel.

» AISI 304 Stainless steel

The steel maintains its original characteristics unaltered over time, even with intensive use or in severe climatic conditions, preserving its aesthetic appearance, resistance and hygiene.

As a corrosion-resistant material, it does not require any additional surface protection treatment to improve its appearance and durability. We recommend its use in public areas to allow maintenance and cleaning in a simple and easy way.

» Multiple opening systems

The minimalist Gamma handle in stainless steel can be mounted on different systems, both aluminium and PVC:

  • Side-hung or tilt & turn window systems with Eurogroove or Groove 16.
  • Sliding windows with multi-point lock or transmission box.
  • Interior opening doors of one or two sashes.

» Minimalist range

During the handle design process, we have dispensed with unnecessary elements, developing a hidden mechanism that only leaves the handle on show.

In this way we offer a technical solution of great robustness and reliability throughout its useful life meeting the strictest quality standards.

» Tested to European standards

The handles allow opening and closing operation of doors or windows in compliance with the safety parameters established in European standards UNE-EN 13126-3 and UNE-EN 1906, as well as the usability and ergonomics criteria established for this type of hardware.


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