PROCOAT polyamide

STAC’s new Polyamide PROCOAT PA66-GF25 guarantees lacquering in almost all situations.

This new polyamide solves common problems in the production processes of our customers, maintaining the same mechanical properties and thermal insulation as standard polyamide and improving electrical conductivity.

Ensures electrostatic deposition of paint

The polyamide PROCOAT developed by STAC guarantees the correct adhesion of the paint in the electrostatic deposition process, thanks to its improved electrical conductivity. The PROCOAT material has better electrical conductivity than the standard materials, guaranteeing that the paint adheres uniformly to the entire surface via electrostatic deposition rather than via simple physical projection. This means that the paint coating is not completely homogeneous. The PROCOAT material captures the paint particles that are projected onto the profile over its entire surface area, giving a completely uniform and consistent finish.

The best solution for complex profiles

PROCOAT PA66-GF25 is ideal for those geometrically complex profiles that cause problems in the lacquering process. Due to its high capacity to capture the lacquer, it allows a homogeneous finish to be applied, even in those areas that are more difficult to reach by the paint application system.

Perfect for textured paints

Due to their complexity, textured paints often cause problems if the process conditions are not well adjusted. The new STAC Polyamide PROCOAT PA66-GF25 corrects these deviations and ensures an optimal surface finish.

Available immediately for any profile in our catalogue

Standard profiles can be quickly replaced by PROCOAT as no new equipment development is required, with the costs and deadlines involved. As the geometry is not changed, PROCOAT profiles can be quickly and easily implemented in current systems.

At STAC we are committed to the continuous improvement of our products. We will continue to work to offer new solutions to our customers. If you want to know more about this new polyamide, please contact us.


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