PRO handle

» References with PRO handle: DELTA range and SIRIUS range

Nowadays, in order to reduce the visual impact on enclosures, the installation of handles has increased significantly with respect to the use of cremones.

Taking this trend into account, our technical department has developed a solution that stands out mainly for its compact transmission mechanism, with great strength and cycle durability, as well as for the reduced dimensions of its base, aspects that notably favour its integration in the window.

The PRO handle stands out for its quality and everyday use experience provided by both its smooth, fluid drive and the firmness of the mechanism.

» Solution designed with the installer in mind

As is customary in the products we develop, we have given special thought to the professionals who will install them.

The handle is supplied fully assembled for direct installation, to eliminate any uncertainty or faulty assembly. It is simply necessary to install the handle with the hardware that the window uses and insert the escutcheon that hides the mechanism by clipping it in place directly.

In this way the installer can significantly reduce installation times and better optimize their time.

» Audible indication of the positions

Using an indexing device, the handle is able to perfectly mark the position of the handle arm during its operation. Additionally, each position is highlighted by a characteristic audible “click”.


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