Drive gear with pin bolts

The lift and slide system is the most secure and watertight option that allows large transit areas to be enclosed with the convenience of a sliding window or door.

We present solutions that allow to configure high-performance elevating systems: transmission gear with pin-bolt shaped locking points and locking plates that are integrated in the frame profile itself.

» Pin-bolt shaped locking points

The locking points have been specially developed to improve the aesthetics of the frame profile when the lift & slide sash is open, maintaining at all times the robustness that characterizes the conventional locking points in this type of opening.

The new feature is the integrated regulation system that allows an approach within a millimetre of the closed position of the sash.

The drive gears are compatible with our LS200 and LS400 lift & slide systems and allow configurations from 1800 to 2700 millimetres maximum height of the drive gear.

» Integrated locking plates

With the installation of the flat locking plates we greatly increase both the clean aesthetic of the profile and the safety of the lift & slide systems for the user, given that by being integrated into the frame itself, we can avoid inadvertent snagging or knocks that usually occur with standard locking plates in this type of system.


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