DELTA pull handle

Modern architecture seeks to offer simpler spaces, reducing all superfluous elements and leaving only the essential qualities. There is a strong tendency to minimize the visual impact of doors and windows, with regard to both the frames and the accessories.

With this in mind, we have developed handles with reduced dimensions and minimalist aesthetics, with a design in line with the new series of sliding windows on the market.

» DELTA desing line

Clean lines never go out of fashion. The design of the pull handles distils the style and character concepts of the DELTA product family.

The restrained dimensions cause less visual impact and allow to adapt both visually and geometrically to any type of sliding system. The base is integrated within the body of the handle allowing the installation base to be hidden, achieving a clean aesthetic without joint lines between the components.

» DELTA FLAP & DELTA FIX pull handles

The DELTA FLAP pull handle, with dynamic action cam mechanism, is available for both left and right opening allowing single or double configurations in conjunction with the DELTA FIX pull handle.

  • Simple installation corresponding to the opening hand of the system.
  • Interior ~ exterior double installation in balconies with exterior access and possibility of combining with multipoint lock with key to leave the sliding door securely closed.
  • Combined installation by means of handle with cam (on the inside) and fixed handle (outside area).

» Useful and functional products

Reduced assembly times quick and easy installation of the handle via a counter-piece and lateral fixation by means of a grub screw.

Total stability of the handle assembly guaranteed by the front fixing of the screws, both to the leaf frame profile and to the system’s multipoint lock.

Firm, smooth and fluid operation with maximum positions marked at 0º and 90º of cam rotation.

» Now also for wood and PVC systems

We have adapted our minimalist concept to the opening systems for wood and PVC frames, offering both handles for this type of carpentry.

» Personalisation through colour

The handles are manufactured in metal and are completely personalisable. They are available in both black and white lacquer and the colours in the RAL chart, the colour matching system that defines colours for paints and coatings.


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