Top hinge adapter

The trend towards large-sized windows with a smaller visible profile section that allows for a larger glazing surface has directly influenced both the weights of the sash and the need for adjustment and compensation of the sash on the frame profile.

For the most demanding cases in terms of weights and dimensions, we have developed the top hinge adpater, a solution that provides a unique adjustment range on the market.

Through active tilt & turn hinges, it allows for side-hung openings of up to 160 kg with the same regulations as tilt & turn openings.

» Tilt & turn hinges

The hinge adapter integrates perfectly with our accessories for tilt & turn opening since, in a more natural way, it allows its installation in window profiles with a hinge pitch between 3 and 3.5 millimeters.

We recommend mounting the top hinge adapter with CLX tilt & turn hinges due to the wide adjustment range it offers with respect to the load supported by the hinges.

» Accessible, fast and effective regulation

The hinge adapter favors adjustments in a direct, simple and fast way. All adjustments points have been arranged in areas that are easily accessible to the installer and can be configured with the system sheet loaded.

  • Horizontal regulation that allows an adjustment of ± 3 millimeters.
  • Tightening range that allows a pressure adjustment of ± 1.5 millimeters.

» Solution designed for the installer

As is customary in the products we develop, we have given special thought to the professionals who will install them.

The top hinge adapter allows its installation in a quick and simple way. In this way the installer can significantly reduce installation times and better optimize their time.


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